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Posted On April 13, 2021 ● By SMSAdmin

Power Generation Station

This sector is primarily focused on generating electricalpower for use in multiple applications includinguseinmotors, lighting, heating, and other conveniencesofmodern life. Power generation industry is involvedin theexploration and development of oil or gas reserves,oil andgas drilling, and refining and/or integrating renewableenergy and coal.

There are three major categories of energy for electricitygeneration: (1) fossil fuels (coal,natural gas, and petroleum); (2) nuclear energy and;(3) renewable energy sources.

Most electricity is generated withsteam turbinesusing fossil fuels, nuclear, biomass,geothermal, and solar thermal energy. Other majorelectricity generation technologiesincludegas turbines, hydro turbines, wind turbines,and solar photovoltaics.(EIA Electricity)

Given these demands on the projects and workforce,it is of utmost importance thatequipment protect the safety of the workers. Noise,heat and other harmful emissionsmust be considered with equipment and tools required.

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Regulations for power generation industry