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Custom Manufacturing

Customized solutions from start to finish. SMS is the leading manufacturer of silencers using quality components and latest technology.

For decades, we have designed solutions to meet our customers’ challenges. Designing the right way can make all the difference. We mould your needs into great quality products custom designs.

SMS will work with you to ensure every specification is met. Consideration will be made for application, technical requirements, space, material and environmental needs.

That’s why we make quality the number one priority. With continuing evaluation, innovation and improvement of our production processes will assure you the highest degree of confidence in our products. We pay attention to every aspect of your design which includes:

Custom Solutions

Customized to meet your specific needs from designto finish product. Everyspecification is made-to-order with your unique requirements.


Workmanship and quality is at the heart of our expertise.Years of experience hasallowed us to skillfully manufacture your productflawlessly.

Product performance and precision

Our manufacturing process has been refined over manyyears with continuedinnovation and process improvement. Our manufacturingfacility allows forprecision product construction.

Noise Control

Our products are manufactured to your design requirementsfor noise control. Wehave several manufacturing processes to allow fornoise control that meetsvarying industry standards.

Emission Control

Our silencers are constructed to control diesel andgas combustion engineemissions such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons(HC), nitrogen oxide(NOx) and other pollutants.

Heat Control

Our products are available in insulated and non-insulatedformats to meet yourheat control requirements. Products can be finishedwith high temp black paint oraluminum.

Flow optimization

Exhaust flow velocity is optimized for the size ofthe silencer for a givenapplication. Consideration is to the total systemback pressure as well as exhaustvelocity.

From design and manufacturing to timely delivery, we handle your needs with quality and care. Quality design, many years of experience in a number of varying applications, creating with passion, care and attention to detail.

Performance and precision of your product is key…and that’s what we do best!

Client Satisfaction:

We are committed to providing you with the highest levels of customer service.